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Gemei Hair Dryer Cool/Hot 1200W GM-1756

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Gemei Hair Dryer Cool/Hot 1200W GM-1756

Gemei 1200W Foldable Hair Dryer GM-1756 2 Wind Speed ??Adjustable, Constant Heat For dry, silky, soft, shiny hair – white, pink, new innovation !! Hairdryer 1200 watts, wind power adjustable, 2 levels, constant heat Built-in wind stop button Let the hair dry, soft, shiny, with Thermo Protect to control the heat without causing damage to dry hair. Blowing hot air to cause hair to dry quickly For styling For a long time, foldable, compact size, suitable for hand, easy to carry, easy to use at home Strong, durable, long-lasting use


1. Hair dryer, power 1200 watts, Thermo Protect system, compact, foldable, easy to carry

2. Adjustable wind power 2, constant heat level And can adjust the heat to 2 levels, turbo dry system

3. Large air blower motor, strong blowing force, not falling, can blow dry hair quickly Quiet sound of only 52 decibels, not disturbing those around Built-in wind stop button

4. Can be used continuously without causing excessive heat Keeps the temperature 60C not to damage the hair

5.The machine is made of good grade polymer materials. Resistant to high temperatures

6. Release heat at appropriate temperature Not too hot Providing constant heat Long lasting

7. There is a button to adjust the heat temperature as needed. Very little and the on-off light switch button is easy to use

8. The cable can be rotated 360 degrees with hooks on the cord, easy to use at home or at work and travel

9. Cord and plug: supports 220 VAC according to TIS 1985-2549. According to American and European standards, no electric leakage or shock sparks. Large power cables with high heat resistance

10. Quality products exported to America. Europe, Japan, barcode: 6 957952 217564

11. Compact size, suitable for hand, easy to carry, to be put in a work bag or luggage, strong, durable, long use. Product Details – Maximum temperature 60 degrees Celsius – AC voltage: 220-240 V – Frequency 50-60 Hz – Power 1200W Method of use and recommendations

  •  Plug the plug into a standard outlet. Turn on the switch to adjust the wind as needed
  •  Can be used to blow hair as needed Adjust the hot air level, cold air
  •  When finished using Remove and clean as appropriate And put in place
  • Do not leave the machine plugged in While not in use May cause danger Equipment in the box – Product manual


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